Dump-a-drump da Trump


He wore an overlong red tie draped across a flabby gut
as he swore and declaimed carnage for all
his hand on a bible too. Loving thy brother, no way
he’d say as he jabs jobs down our throats.

You don’t have to face the facts, there are alternatives,
so double think things out, he said it’s OK.
Orwellian to the core, the bore
we’ll have to live with him for four.

Did hope go down the drain with Obama,
as Washington’s swamp fills with billionaires
with an aura of confidence because they’ve got it all
to buy cabinet positions of power to our determent.

We shake and tremble as he’s gotten to work
showing a horrible smirk as he cranks out decrees,
walls and tariffs, ill will to all who dare think
his crowds were not bigger than Obama’s were.

Don’t despair, all who didn’t vote for him
were obviously cheating, but there are sneaky tweets
telling us he’s getting unhinged, so to the asylum
he’ll have to go, and we’ll end up with evil Pence.

Kent Bowker