The Righteous Man

The political poem is often a jumble
the language simply ill constructed
of mouthful words like a grumble
emoted rather than gracefully said,
we must then regretfully grant
it often becomes a clumsy rant.

Theodemocracy is such a fumbly word
a Mormon idea we might investigate
Elder Romney’s Joseph Smith-ian good
belief, that while democracy is first rate
arguments are no pleasure,
revelation is much better.

Georgie Bush had a big revelation;
invaded poor Iraq. It trumps contention,
allows a politician to switch his views
it doesn’t matter what the people choose
when agreement is unreachable
revelation is unimpeachable.

Beware, then, these politicians’ claims
with undisclosed beliefs; and aims;
fantasies, Gods, all that strain credulity,
biblical creation presumably,
their cliches endlessly, easily repeated, their phlegm
that we might  unthinking, believe them,
and accept the scourge behind the jabbering..
Be wary,  godly austerity punishes.

Kent Bowker