I found myself tearful today
reading an obituary of Vaclav Havel
in the London Review of Books —
my late friend and I often exchanged –-
But when Death comes close
I busy myself with inconsequential things.

Death crept in slowly
months of preparation
costume changes, poor disguises.
I said I would be back later
to read amusing things to him.
But He came and left with him..

Kent Bowker    1/23/12

One thought on “Lament”

  1. Kent, I’m a good case supporting what atheists say about people who believe in God. I was narcissistic and abhorred the notion of annihilation. I’ve also read my share of existentialism, and I’ve also been accused of having an overactive imagination. It’s all true. I can accept that it takes courage to be an atheist, but if you ask me why I believe in God and an afterlife, I’ll be honest. It’s because it makes me feel good. And if I’m mistaken it is at least an honest mistake, and I usually learn from them.

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