I’ll take a taxes to Metaxes*
to save the Greek economy,
from electronic salami, its debt —
park in the graveyard of equality,
watch the schools decay,
and pay for exemptions
for the few with yachts
of Dionysian splendor.

* Greek general and prime minister 1938-41

Kent Bowker     3/16/2012

One thought on “TAX”

  1. I did it. This is my final comment about the poems you have published on this website. You don’t realize it yet, but you came into my life when I most needed you. I was looking for an atheist who would read my book “using a razor.” The title of this last poem is ironic. If things go the way I think they will, I’m going to be paying more taxes. Kent, you told me what you read was well-written. Now if I can convince you to continue reading it with your razor, your honest response should convince a publishing editor to print and sell my book.

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