Beware, old men walking dogs

Beware, old men walking dogs-
at night they are everywhere-
in the shadows.
Rarely caught in your headlights,
revealing a frightened hand,
raised, warding off, warning.
light closing in around them
they vanish,
as old men will in the end
protecting their dogs
from indifferent steel.

2 thoughts on “Beware, old men walking dogs”

  1. I’m back! And ready to admit that I’m not sure that I have a handle on this poem. Now, I think most poets have an easier time allowing their readers to come to their own opinions, especially if the “form” of the poem is more lyrical than narrative. Yet, I’ve spent most of my writing life trying to master the narrative form. That’s why I have come to the conclusion that there are no coincidences in stories. I see this as a lyrical poem meant more to communicate feelings than the development of ideas. Having said that, let me try to interpret what I think you were communicating rather than insist that what I think is correct. But oh oh. I can’t! I don’t have the room.

  2. Oh! I guess I can do it this way. With the contrast of dark and light images in the first eight lines, I feel the struggle of growing old. In the last three lines, I feel the inevitability of death. Much more emotional than intellectual. Now, if you tell me that doesn’t make sense, I won’t be hurt, and I won’t argue with you. People tell me that all the time.

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