(On Reading Jung’s ‘Memories, dreams and reflections’)

Oh God, oh God, are you not there,
in the light of the day – exist at all?
My poor unconscious quakes,
my courage fails, puts on the brakes.
Where did this, this come from,
with my swaddling clothes?
in the fabric of things given me,
unconsciously, as I became aware?
Jung says it was there before
in the archtypical collective, but Freud disagrees.
It’s all about sex you see,
and Father, and Mother, and me.

Kent Bowker    4/12/2014 (4/16 rev.)

One thought on “Fear”

  1. Really, Kent! I’m laughing. Are you telling me that Jung made no sense to you. He did to me. I think the “spiritual” nature in what he identifies as archetypes is no different than what the Romantic Poets wrote about in their poetry. Its aligned with my notion of a universal conscious and not so different from what millions of people call God, especially in Eastern cultures.

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