Nothing flies quite like an elephant

Nothing flies quite like an elephant;
heavily     after they’ve tenderly plucked the leaves
and cleared a forest or two
rolled around in the clearing they made
splashing,      trunks spurting water
like whales in a pool just for fun,
after they’ve plucked the tender leaves
of fantasy, the beautiful flowers
in their tummies will not wilt.
******     *****
Can any of us really fly
when our tummies are full?
when we’ve added     thing    weight
to our souls,   when dream flowers
get hidden within,     small hopes un-withered
used occasional to prop us up,
when we’ve drunk too much and
our fleeting aspirations are drowned in morning woe,
empty as the smillys displayed on our screens
these illusion walls we stare at
night after night — baseball — morality plays.

Tired —  we’ve forgotten to play,
becoming as hard for us as   elephants  flying,
as we let others do for us,
provide the fly feathers of illusion
we can hold in our trunks.
.                                        Kent Bowker rev.  10/30/2014

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