The Unicorn

The unicorn in my garden
.           has eaten all the bean leaves
.                   dangling ribbons from his horn

as maidens flit around
.                   in may pole circles

astride the beast of dreams
.                bare soft thighs clasped about
His hot back.

.                   Desire
floats in the air of the dance
.              around the horn.
.                      Thoughts of penetration,
of remorse, and loss reel through the maidens.

Tangled ribbons

One thought on “The Unicorn”

  1. I apologize, Kent. I’m not sure if I read this one, but I like the situation we’re in. Although you deleted my comments, if I remember correctly, they still exist in the back-end of your site. If I did comment on the poem, I don’t remember what I said. Now, If I contradict myself, we can laugh.

    The Unicorn, a mystical beast from pagan tradition. I love the two sexual images. And I share your attitude about sexuality and what is unacceptable to those who are still hungover with Puritan thinking.

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