Solstice Song

A rush of wind, quick,
.  flying crisp brown leaves,
.       cheeks red in the cold,
in this moment       all stops
.   a presentation,
.          an apparition frozen in motion,
change is marked
.            not yet apparent,
expectation stalls in the restless air.

Dying King why do you come here?
.            Is it really time to go?
Wait,             wait for the failing light
to waft the year’s end away.
You’ve aged so quickly,
.       Bounding Youth of spring,
.           so desired then
.    spreading your seed
.          in the maiden fields,
.                    so wasted now.

Your shifting phases of mortality
.     All that lives dies
.             all that dies lives,
the juncture of ambiguity, being,
Dionysus, Corn God ephemeral.

You, Our precious sacrifice, our marker
erect the burning tree,
impale yourself into its branches
.     above the gaily wrapped gifts
.            of passions spent,
and then farewell
.     into the dark times
.           solstice born.

Pray with us,
.       as the tree burns your
.            light away
for rebirth, for repetition
that the turning orb
.       of Olympian chariots
.           carries the Sun Child,
.          the Reborn King
.             down to earth again,
that he will rampage
.           over the dead fields
.             spray the golden touch
.     of young semen /
.           impregnate
.                      us.

Days of darkness
Days of death
the solstice marks the end of Kings
and the long slow reawakening of life
the coming of Mithras, and a Christ
who’ll die with the year for everyone
that their blood will flood the fields
bequeath fertility to the earth.