In the beginning
There was no time, there was no space
There was a golden embryo behind a dark veil
There was no knowing before then
then there were clashing cymbals
the soundless bang
There was the bursting of the veil
Space flowed out with blinding light
time within space began.

Was there in the no time before
the World-Snake Ophion
coupling with the White goddess
Who laid the Orphic egg, who broke it?
There was the big Bozo Higgs God particle behind the veil
It is presumed, making all the other pieces in the zoo
quarks and gluons mesons neutrinos embedded in photonic heat.

This is what we know now, this bursting out.
This is what our Physics tells us happened
The measurements tell us it is fact.
This is the battle of man with the gods.
This is the razor that cuts nonsense away
this is Science denying the faithful’s tales
rejecting Yahwah’s magic seven days

There were phases: everything was an immensely hot gas,
Then cooling into liquid clouds when much cooler, solids
and the world we know.

There is the Atman, the creating self
before gods, before man emerged after the chaotic fire.
Self of pre-existence, of repeated cycles,
we exist on an island in an endless sea of ignorance.
That doesn’t happen now, mythology is forgotten
only poets pay attention to the currents
sweeping the old away.
make note
There is the coming of the triple goddess
Diana, Aphrodite, and Persephone
as Science makes the once great Patriarchy pointless.

There is but one cycle
This cosmos will not be again.

1. Air

A great wind from the center’s celestial eye
flies outward, always outward, this breath
the goddess exhales sweeping into raw emptiness
a pure invisible substance the first element,
Aeolus sends into ship sails, lungs, a fuel,
consort of fire and destructive winds.

We seek wisdom, and have forgotten the names
cannot invoke them

And cannot hold in our hands the first thing
the first element our life desires.

Old wisdom, the tales of creation,
are but vibrations in the air, carrier of sound
carrier of how we know our minds

and where did it come from, this air surrounding us
Physic’s gas, the ancient basic thing
constituent of all complex things
exhalations of volcanic eruptions or the outflow
at the beginning of time called a big bang
all matter flowing out into the created space.
2. Water

We are of water, it flows out of us
flows in our veins, in all that lives,
we came out of the waters that surround us
salty oceans, rivers, lakes, and rain
from above, Olympians gift to us from the heavens.
A gift of creation, ancient comet dust,
the liquid of all life we understand.
Fluid of incubation, fluid of blue planets
fluid divine governing life,
Unlike all other forms
expands before freezing ice floats.
And life underneath can survive,
all the microbes that multiplied and changed
and changed in time into us.
from the fish that crawled out
We die without water.

3. Fire
without our inner fire we are dead
we fear the cold that takes our warmth
make the fires Agni taught us, that Prometheus stole from the Gods
and punished, his guts wrenched by the eagles.
without the nuclear furnace of creation
stars wouldn’t be
our sun wouldn’t burn for us
nor warm the primordial soup that borne us
Fire, re-maker of all things it touches, molds iron
Swords and horse shoes, horrific wars, and home fires
cloud fire ignites the woods,
the inner fire of the earth belches forth islands
Frightening explosions, lava flows
and the continents shift floating on a molten sea.
Fire is action, change, essential sustainer.
Fire is the remolder
Fire is in us, in our burning intensity, fans our passion,
beliefs, our heart, and our loves.

4. Earth
the cauldron’s swarm of gluons and quarks coalesced,
matter formed in the expanding furnace of creation,
there was hydrogen, gold copper and iron,
all possible combinations from smaller pieces
and there were galaxies and in them stars.
The swirling gasses became planets
and all the elements within them.
Gasses like air, molecules like water
and fire the forge of all.
Slow were the workings of nature
slower the understanding of this much,
slowly the meadows green appeared
the volcanos quieted, the seas took their place
our paradise became this, our earth
the infinite substance of it,
the infinite variety
our basis.

5. Quintessence
what magic in the mud made it happen?
we might never know the true essence of being
it’s not just in the substance of things of air, water and earth
It’s the quality in our soul’s purity that yearns for Gods
and saviors from the abrasions of existence
for a Christ a Mohamad or a Buddha
answers riddles, the questions of why life and death
for we are creatures that can imagine beyond ourselves
can ask the why of creation, conceive of it
imagine a first cause, be it Yahwah’s,
Or Purusha, of the Golden Egg

Quintessence cannot be measured, has neither weight or dimension
as essence is felt rather than seen, permeates all things
permits the knowingness of things.

How we imagine living before and after, knowing the ancestors
conceive of cycles of reincarnation

the ether of space that’s not been found that carries
souls into our imagined heavens, our yearnings.