# 16 Howl Now, Ginsberg, Howl

Howl in pain and rage for all of those left out with drugs, booze
.         and sexual agenda, for all the poets and deviants everywhere.
Howl now as the natural world subtly dies
.        Is there hope, when lamentable TV news denies it all,
.       selling illusions of individual wealth selling us out

Howl at the exceptional worthy making fortunes, taking advantage
.        skimming, always skimming the cream off the top
.        and giving themselves a raise

Howl at the war on drugs, prisons for blacks, the mentally ill
.       no raises for them, just solitary for the damaged
.       no jail for the yachtsmen, none for the broker
.       lots for the little fixer with a 5 dollar bag.
.       Erecting prison cities, there’s profit
.       lonely valley towns need employment.

Howl for the men, who can’t find a job, who only have themselves to sell,
.       become soldiers, start as heros in the forever war on terror,
.    terrorize others, killing in tour after tour, more carnage, more .profit,
.       and they lose, pay big, pay over and over until there is nothing left,
.       no self they can sell on the shrinking labor market .

Rage at the militarized cops killing the blacks, kids with water guns,
.       drivers who can’t get their licence out quick enough,
.       don’t lie down quick enough, anyone talking back,
.       unless you’re polite, and white.
.      they’re here to protect property and those who have it.
Rage at all the Whites getting guns
.      At all the money made making guns, selling to the world,
.       importing electronic toys, exporting all the arms,
.       empowering ISIS, Israel, Assad, Egypt, big business, war.

Howl at the security state’s big daddy, the CIA is watching you
.       especially if you deviate, occupy Wall Street, read the Koran.

Howl as Nature reacts to the rape of the planet
.        Our digging up and burning fuel for capitalism’s system,
.       fueling cars to get people to work, fueling the factory robots displacing them
.       a whole system geared to burning, mucking up the atmosphere
.       warming it, acidifying the oceans, melting the ice caps
.       making endless profits, everything privatized
.    powering all the gadgets that convince us all is well, that we’re alive,
.      happy, that we can make love and dis the gloomy scientists.

It’s all coming to an end, rise up and stop it, all the whole capitalism shtick
or the seas rising will drown us, all the poor in cities who can’t get out,
and all the 99% like us who haven’t been howling, accepting it all,
the old dying of heatstroke, or thirst or unleashed tropical diseases
dreaming of salvation in the end days. After the Battle of Armageddon
when it will all come down, Howl, Howl, change it all now.

Can’t cop out, angle dust or smack won’t make anything better for you,
Object, rage, burn the banks, the justices of injustice,
senators who sell themselves to remain rich senators
the journalists who repeat press release lies,
advertising shit white as vanilla on synthetic cake.

Arise, arise, blame yourselves for your stupid belief
when your God’s preacher tells you things are good. They’re not.
You work for nothing, can’t afford a decent home,
can’t get ahead of your credit card debt
all the debt that binds you mounting up until there are no more credit cards
to cover your ass. Find others like you, admit you’ve been had
form collectives, unions, tear it all down, all the big corporations
forget that you’re exceptional you’re not

Howl out, ‘cause we need another way of being with each other
big daddy never did tell us to love each other,
just compete, compete and get on top,
big daddy only thought of himself.
But if we band together, all of us in true solidarity, we can prevail.
Then big daddy you’re toast.
But Howl or Rage – don’t be Naive , Big Daddy still has all the guns.
We may have to go down with him when he and all else implodes
hold on, hope, even as seas rise, landscapes burn,
revolt will be bloody but may well save us all.

(I couldn’t hold it down any more)