Weather Is


Whither weather up or down
this winter I hardly know
I’m a hibernating bear to all intent
for I lurk indoors, avoid the snow,
cold and ice as well it’s internet weather I see
graphs of temperature, wind and probability.
If this woke the bear would he like to know?
Oh hum and back to sleep, lucky bear.

Intellectually, graphs are so appealing.

Spring eventually arrives with fresh airs
when bear wakes craving honey, bunnies abound,
buds open, sweetness wafts away cares.
You rush outside, breath everything’s freshness
soft winds, even enjoy rain, cool nights, warm days,
Then summer and heat, hotter than ever before
with crackling thunderstorms ,cyclones everywhere,
threats of hurricanes, back to the weather reports
and anxiety, until the leaves turn gold.

Then Ursa the great winter bear appears.
Kent Bowker
March 21, 2017